Alabama Prison Ministries

Education of Inmates

Alabama Prison Ministry’s Partner in Discipleship and Christian Education is Liberty Theological Seminaries, International of Montgomery, Alabama.  The Chaplaincy Department in Springfield, Missouri and The Alabama District Council of The Assemblies of God has agreed to work together with A.P.M. to achieve the desired goal of changing lives in the Criminal Justice System through education.

Our Mission


Alabama Prison Ministry


Our Prison Population Is Growing! Alabama State Prisons are growing at an alarming rate. State and Federally funded programs designed to assist in relief for our prisons such as Substance Abuse Program (S.A.P.), Crime Bill, Sex Offenders Anonymous (S.O.A.), Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.), & Re-lapse Prevention, have a high failure rate. These programs do not truly acknowledge or address the underlying spiritual problem that brings men and women to prison in the first place and that is ‘Sin’. A.P.M. is changing that process through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


A.P.M. has seen the rate of recidivism (the percent-age of inmates who return to prison) drastically reduced because of our efforts. 89% of inmates who receive at least one diploma or a degree through our program do not return to prison (See Chart below).

Who We Are